Beautiful Transparent Glass Shower Door; It’s Time to Change Your Shower Room

Shower room usually is designed with small space, as you don’t need spacious room for this activity, but you can make this very room has the same spacious mood by applying glass shower door to yours. While the glass function of partition to distinguish space function, its transparency provide more spacious visual impression. This is […]

Some Useful French Door Inspirations

Door becomes an important part in house since it connects the house with outdoor part. For this reason, many people try to pick a door that can increase the artistic value of house. French door becomes a great idea to bring a bright sun ray inside the house. For this reason, there are many French […]

Install Interior Double French Doors for Historic Values

Install Interior Double French Doors for a Stylish Home Décor Install interior double French doors to get a beautiful homey look design on the house. French doors are doors decorated with sets of glass panel. The original designs of French doors are made as double doors that can be swung opened whereas the new design […]

Fiberglass French Doors – Patio Doors with Blinds

The Innovation Material Usage in Fiberglass French Patio Doors with Blinds Fiberglass French doors patio with blinds are what people can try to have because this French door do not use the wood material like the ordinary door. Fiberglass is the new door material that is used for patio door purpose. The patio door usually […]

How to Design Interior Barn Doors

Do you have great imagination to make new appearance in your home interior? If you are totally have high imagination level in making new interior design, maybe you will love to know if we can use unused thing, which we usually throw to the dump when those thing do not use anymore. If we have […]

Install Sliding Barn Door Hardware Kits

Sliding barn door hardware kits are the important and useful kits which people will be needed when they want to install the sliding door, which they make from unused door like barn door. It is common nowadays people choose to use the old barn door for making it as sliding door. Beside it will not […]

Simple Way to Intall The Sliding Barn Door Track

Sliding barn door track is the important parts if you want to install the sliding door with using the old barn door as the main door. Actually it is the do it yourself project that nowadays become trend in the society. This trend, which use old barn door for using it as sliding door is […]

Exterior and Interior Sliding Barn Door Hardware

The Complete Exterior and Interior Sliding Barn Door Hardware Kits Exterior and interior sliding barn door hardware kits are the essential part if you desire to have the unique sliding door design attach in your exterior or interior home. The usage of sliding door in this time really gains popularity. It is because the usage […]